Originally growing up in the North of England, Nicole found her first love of Dance and Theatre from a young age gaining a scholarship to an accredited Musical Theatre school in Liverpool. But along with regular injuries, the competitive and judgemental nature of the industry began to take it’s toll and Nicole realised it no longer suited her values or the way she aimed to live her life.

So after many years in retail and a move to London, at a challenging time in her life whilst looking for more balance and somewhere to set her focus and purpose, she finally found a new passion in that of Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

The practice created so many positive changes in her life, that she knew eventually it would be her goal and calling to guide others through their own personal journey with the practice.

Nicole teaches a strong and dynamic Vinyasa Flow based class, aiming to challenge and develop you and leaving you feeling as though you have earned the relaxation at the end. She naturally has a down to earth approach aiming to make everyone feel comfortable.

Aiming to encourage students to let go of tension and stress, which in particular may arise from the demanding and fast paced city life within London, to re-balance and ground themselves, by stripping back the layers to leave the best version of the student for both themselves and others around them.

Nicole believes the benefits that can develop from a yoga practice, means that yoga is slowly making a positive impact and change to the world around us. By encouraging kindness and an openness of understanding off the mat, to bringing an awareness into how we can better react to situations within our daily lives.

She embodies the belief that yoga is for everyone and aims to show this through her teaching by skilfully engaging with all levels from Beginner through to Advanced, from studios to offices, corporate teaching and private tuition to a discounted community class that allows everyone the option to gain the benefits of a guided practice without the studio prices.